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Hidden Barriers - Ending Income Discrimination in Renting

Film & Campaign Description

Imagine being refused entry to a park because you had children? Or denied service in a café because your income was deemed too low? Imagine you were made to pay six months’ worth of bus fares upfront and provide a guarantor? These barriers echo those encountered by renters while looking for a home, with millions of us potentially at risk. They show how unfair and ridiculous they can be.

These videos were the centrepiece to our End Income Discrimination campaign. Supporters called on the government to seriously tackle income and family discrimination in the Renters Reform Bill.

And clearly, the government listened: in the middle of November, they committed to making ‘no DSS’ and ‘no children’ policies directly illegal in the Renters Reform Bill.

Lived experience of the housing emergency is at the heart of all three films; the stories in each one are real-life experiences our clients have faced when trying to rent homes. We co-created the scripts with a group of people who have suffered income discrimination, to make sure they were accurate and representative. 


Home is a human right. It's our foundation and it's where we thrive. Yet, every day millions of people are being devastated by the housing emergency.

We exist to defend the right to a safe home. Because home is everything.