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The Who is Hussain Foundation
Global Blood Heroes - When History was made

Film & Campaign Description

In response to the critically low blood supplies globally, specifically in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Blood Heroes campaign sought to address this issue. Inviting global populations to unite together to undertake the ultimate act of selflessness - donating blood - this campaign took place on 27th August 2022, after 18 months of diligent planning.

More than 2,000 volunteers, across 250 locations, in 20 countries on 6 continents, in partnership with 125+ blood donation organisations, including NHSBT (UK), Red Cross (US & Australia) and CBS (Canada), coordinated local efforts to execute the campaign. As a result, on the day, 37,018 blood units were collected. With up to 3 lives saved per donation, more than 111,000 lives would be saved through the campaign’s efforts. Additionally, a world record was broken, for the number of blood donations in one calendar day.

The campaign also galvanised many first-time donors and encouraged seasoned donors to give blood at a time when countless individuals worldwide are in need.

The Who is Hussain Foundation

For a decade, Who is Hussain has been serving humanity. With 60+ volunteer teams, across 6 continents the organisation has a wide reach. Dedicated to improving lives, and alleviating suffering, global volunteer teams organise local initiatives in their communities focused on fulfilling the needs of the most vulnerable and impoverished. Whether that is feeding the homeless, distributing essential items to society’s most impoverished, facilitating blood donations to save lives, or undertaking initiatives to protect the planet, this global movement for good grew organically from the grassroots. Inspired by Hussain ibn Ali, a man who stood up for justice, compassion and dignity, our global volunteer teams share these humanitarian values through their actions.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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