Give Carers a Break - Lowri's story

Film & Campaign Description

About the campaign:

Family carers of disabled children and adults play a crucial role in society by providing round-the-clock support to their loved ones at home.

It’s vital for them to have the opportunity to take a break from their caregiving duties, allowing time for rest, reconnecting with family and friends, or attending to other tasks.

But sadly, many families struggle to access the respite they’re entitled to, leaving many feeling burnt out and exhausted.

At Sense, we want all family carers to be able to take a break when they need it.

That’s why we have launched the ‘Give Carers a Break’ campaign , to secure more support for family carers of disabled people.

About the film:

The film was produced to promote the ‘Give Carers a Break’ campaign on social media, presenting a traditional case study-led film, with a real person sharing their story. This approach was taken because many of the families we support will often say they don’t feel heard. We believe voices are precious and powerful and help drive change and this film was an opportunity to give a platform for one parent to have her voice heard. In the film, we meet Lowri and her daughter Mia, and we learn about their bond, the realities of caring for someone with complex disabilities, and the lack of support carers receive. This is a quiet, understated film that makes its point strongly – Carers need more support, carers need a break. In two months, the film has received more than 200 thousand views and attracted more than eight thousand people to sign up to support the campaign.


We are Sense – supporting everyone who is deafblind or has complex disabilities. We believe everyone should be able to take part in life, no matter their disability.


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