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Give a hug

Film & Campaign Description

A hug. Such a simple thing, really. A wordless gesture that says so much.

A hug is care. And understanding. Nothing else can blanket you so instantly in warmth, and love, like a hug can.

All hugs – be they big, small, gentle, strong, happy, sad - come from the heart. And when you’re in one you can feel with all of yours: you’re not alone.

We are delighted to share with you our ‘Give a hug’ campaign, which we launched in September 2023 for Children Cancer Awareness Month. (CCAM) When we rebranded at the beginning of the year, one of the things we liked about our new logo was the orange borders that symbolise embracing arms. It’s inspired our Give A Hug initiative. Throughout CCAM we focused on what hugs mean to families affected by childhood cancer and how this simple gesture can get you through a challenging day, a temporarily relief of stress.

In memory of Emmy
14.11.2009 to 20.11.2020

Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK is a leading children’s cancer charity dedicated to raising and investing funds into vital specialist research to save the lives of children and young people with cancer. Our mission is to improve survival rates and the quality of survival in young patients, and to find ways to prevent cancer in the future. Whilst working towards this, Children with Cancer UK funds support for children and their families as they navigate treatment. What began as a small memorial charity in 1988, has evolved into a major force raising more than £300 million and investing in over 200 pioneering research projects.