People’s Choice Award 2024 Silver £250,000-£450,000

Fulham Good Neighbours
Fulham Good Neighbours - 'Enter the fold'

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This year, Fulham Good Neighbours is ambitious to support more neighbours and recruit more volunteers than ever before so that Fulham is the best place to grow old and disabled neighbours’ views and ideas are best heard by decision makers.

The Neighbours warmly invite you to support your local charity, whether as a valued volunteer gifting your time or as a donor providing vital funds to support their ongoing work.

Last year, 638 older & disabled neighbours were supported by 210 local volunteers in homes, gardens, the community, their community centre, and online. In 2023, the charity was awarded a LBHF Civic Award and international SALUS Award, and was invited to the Downing Street Charity Champions evening. They are recognised by the Queens’ Award for Voluntary Service.

Fulham Good Neighbours

Fulham Good Neighbours is a charity that supports older, disabled, and vulnerable Fulham neighbours. Since 1966 the award-winning charity has provided practical assistance, social activity and befriending via local volunteers.

The charity’s services promote the wellbeing of older and disabled neighbours, including support in the home and garden, and befriending. Social clubs, six days weekly, at the community centre, in the community and even online bring neighbours together, while 1-1 digital support, inclusive of laptop loans and data bundles is also essential in combatting social isolation. Their Good Neighbour Scheme ensures neighbours can request volunteer support for errands such as shopping, transportation, or wheelchair pushing.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: