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People’s Choice Award 2023 £350,000-£1 million turnover
Judges’ Award 2023 £350,000-£1 million turnover

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Film & Campaign Description

At FRAME we want to create a future where non-animal methods are considered scientific best practice. Where animals are no longer used in scientific or medical research, testing and education. We are a small but dedicated charity and we know we cannot achieve this alone. By working together with Universities, Governments, Funders, Companies and Non-profits around the world we believe we can make our vision a reality. 

Will you join us in a better future, for animals and humans?

This film was created to illustrate our vision and the steps we are taking to ensure our future goals. It was made on a £0 budget using the team's knowledge of Canva which has proved an amazing tool for our small charity. We hope you enjoy our short film and that it inspires you to get involved.


FRAME is a charity dedicated to the replacement of animals in scientific or medical research, testing and education.

We do this by:

  • Funding and promoting non-animal methods
  • Educating individuals on the importance of human-relevant methods, as well as experimental design best practice
  • Campaigning for change
  • Sharing non-animal innovations

We are a small but passionate team who believe that a move towards non-animal methods will create a better future, for animals and humans.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: