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Follow Your Dreams

Film & Campaign Description

"Follow Your Dreams", created by Things We Do LTD, invites viewers to discover the incredible journey of one man in a field with a telescope who transformed his passion into the thriving charity, UK Astronomy. The film delves into a narrative of overcoming fears, conquering challenges, and achieving remarkable goals, showcasing the impact one person can make with the kindness and support of others.

Witness the birth of UK Astronomy, a charity built on the foundation of one man's passion and the collective kindness of a community. This is more than just a story; it's a powerful testament to the transformative impact an individual can have, especially when supported by a community.

Join us on this remarkable journey and become part of a community that not only celebrates the wonders of the universe but also teaches thousands to gaze up in awe. "Follow Your Dreams" is an invitation to be inspired and join a community that encourages others to look up in wonder.

Our campaign is more than a call to action; it's an invitation to join a supportive community. We want to share the wonders of astronomy with everyone and encourage them to become a part of UK Astronomy. The campaign aims to motivate people to step outside, look up at the night sky, and realize that "there are a billion worlds in your back garden."

Join us in embracing the beauty of stargazing, building a connection with the cosmos, and being part of a community that shares the magic of the night sky with thousands.

About Things We Do Ltd

"Things We Do" is an organisation founded by our friends and neighbours, Adrienn and Leo, a Hungarian couple with a passion for photography and videography. Despite their full-time jobs, they generously volunteered their time and skills to create the captivating film titled "Follow Your Dreams" for our charity, UK Astronomy. This film stands as a testament to their commitment and creative prowess. What initially started as a hobby for this dynamic duo has blossomed into a successful photography and film business.

UK Astronomy

UK Astronomy was started by one man in a field with a passion for the skies and a desire to find friends to share that passion with. Now, it is a registered charity with an online membership of over 23,000 across the UK and an active face-to-face outreach program educating across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, and beyond.

The UK Astronomy Facebook group serves as a hub of knowledge, with members from across the UK who are willing to chat, help, and advise you on pretty much any space related subject. The charity shares monthly guides about what’s happening in the sky that people may enjoy seeing either with the naked eye, binoculars, or a telescope. We also run a free annual photo competition, the details of which you can find on our website.

Offering diverse and engaging outreach workshops for schools, Scouting and Guiding groups, U3A, WI, Rotary groups, and more, UK Astronomy invites you to step into our Mobile Planetarium for a 360-degree learning experience. Safely explore the Sun's surface in our Solar Workshop, dive into the Solar System with inflatable planets, and embark on a stargazing adventure with our (weather-dependent) Stargazing evenings, all led by knowledgeable volunteers.

With a mission to make stargazing accessible to all, Ross and his astro buddies generously contribute their time to running the Facebook group and outreach program, fostering a safe and friendly environment for everyone, from novices to seasoned astronomers.

More than just a charity, UK Astronomy is a close-knit community fuelled by a shared passion for the cosmos!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: