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National Holocaust Centre and Museum (Beth Shalom)
'Farewell, Your Majesty'

Film & Campaign Description

Farewell, Your Majesty

Three members of our Holocaust survivor family recall their encounters with the late Queen Elizabeth II.
Each was awarded an MBE by her.
Each had something touching to say about her.

We made 4 short films to share on social media in tribute to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in partnership with the Jewish Chronicle. The combined film is showcased here. Please see for the full campaign.

With thanks to Susan Pollack MBE, Martin Stern MBE, and Marla Tribich MBE

National Holocaust Centre and Museum (Beth Shalom)

Founded in 1995, The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is Britain’s only dedicated Holocaust museum, and the only one in the world founded by Christians - the remarkable Smith family. Through age-appropriate exhibitions, memorial gardens, educational programmes, an internationally important collection of artefacts and above all the testimonies of a large number of Holocaust survivors to whom we have been a home-from-home for over 27 years — we communicate the memory of the Holocaust for a contemporary purpose: To grow a community of critical thinkers right across society, able to question the misinformation, stereotypes and conspiracy theories which drive racist hate.

Critical thinking about the Holocaust and the 2,000 year continuum of anti-Jewish ‘othering’ at its root, and which persists today, is a transferrable citizenship skill. We believe it can and should be used to deconstruct all types of misinformation-based racism today. To challenge ‘othering’. To heal differences. And to encourage the skill of critical thinking in a post-Truth world.

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