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Exercise and Cancer

Film & Campaign Description

Exercise and Cancer is a campaign by Yorkshire Cancer Research that aims to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise for people with cancer.

Evidence shows that exercise before, during and after treatment can help improve the likelihood of survival and reduce the risk of cancer coming back.

Exercise can also help people prepare for cancer treatment and make a quicker recovery, while relieving side effects from treatment.

Despite this, just one in 20 people living with cancer in Yorkshire have taken part in a specialised exercise programme, according to our recent survey.

Worryingly, four in 10 people surveyed said they would not have taken part in a specialised exercise programme had they been offered it. The reasons for not wanting to take part were varied, including a limited awareness of benefits or a lack of confidence.

Our new short film explores the facts, told through the voices of national and international experts and directly through personal experiences.

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