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Film & Campaign Description

“I wanted to become a school governor because I realised there were not many people that looked like me. People that were women of colour, people that were dyslexic, people that were young. I wanted to bring fresh energy, a good vibe, and a different perspective to help support and challenge schools about how they best deliver for their pupils."

Since 2018 Inspiring Governance has been taking concerted action to encourage governing boards to diversify their composition and working to encourage more young and more Black and global majority volunteers to take up decision-making roles on school governing boards. Hear four brilliant school governors – Bola-Alysia, Jasmin, Justin and Meera – talk about why volunteering in the role is important to them, the benefits the role brings, and why others from young and ethnically diverse backgrounds should consider joining them. 

Education and Employers Taskforce

Education and Employers is a UK based charity which aims to provide young people with the inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to help them achieve their potential. The charity believes that every young person in our country, wherever they live, whatever their parents or carers’ circumstances, should have the opportunity to meet a diverse range of volunteers and hear first-hand about jobs and the world of work.

To help make this happen the charity works with state schools, employers, the national bodies that represent them and a wide range of other partners including the government and third sector organisations.

Inspiring Governance is a free matching service that connects highly skilled volunteers who wish to become governors or trustees with state schools across England, helping to increase the diversity of governing boards and raise school standards.