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Born Free
Enough is Enough

Film & Campaign Description

Our animation ‘Enough is Enough’, narrated by Dame Joanna Lumley and Foi Wambui, reflects on the life and death of Pole Pole. She was taken from the wild and gifted to London Zoo, and her tragic death inspired the founding of Born Free.

Today, there are still 50 elephants in 11 zoos across the UK. Enough is enough. We must phase out the keeping of elephants in zoos. Are you with us?

More than 15,000 people have signed our petition already, calling on the UK Government to phase out the keeping of elephants in UK zoos. Will you add your name today?

Born Free

Born Free is an international wildlife charity rescuing and protecting wild animals from exploitation and conserving threatened species and their natural habitats for generations to come.

Our vision is for a better future for wild animals for generations to come, where they are treated with compassion and respect, free from captive exploitation and persecution in the wild, living alongside people in thriving, sustainable, natural habitats.

We campaign tirelessly to defend the rights of wild animals to live natural lives, unexploited and free from persecution.

We seek to protect and conserve iconic species and their habitats, so the natural world and local communities can thrive, while safeguarding the welfare of individual animals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: