Dame Kelly Holmes Trust
Dame Kelly Holmes Trust x Westfield Health

Film & Campaign Description

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has been working in partnership with Westfield Health to support young people facing challenges or adversity in their everyday lives in Sheffield since 2021. Our film recognises the wide reaching and sustainable impact our team of athlete mentors has been having in Sheffield, thanks to the partnership, the incredible support from schools and teachers to facilitate the programme, and our other local funding partners who have joined the movement to make a positive difference in local young lives.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust puts world class athletes shoulder to shoulder with young people. Equipping them with a winning mindset and shaping their futures - it's a teammate like no other. Whether that’s building relationship skills, improving self-esteem or learning to stay focused, our sporting champions help the next generation move forward with confidence.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: