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The Elizabeth Foundation
Daisy's story

Film & Campaign Description

"I would say to other parents how important it is to come here. As an all-rounder to the parent, the child, the family - you need to come here!" Daisy's mum

This short film shows the story of Daisy - a young profoundly deaf child who attended The Elizabeth Foundation's nursery services from shortly after to her birth to when she started primary school. It was directed, edited and filmed in-house by Howard Hurd, our Digital Media Manager.

The film was produced as part of our charity's general awareness campaign, to publicise our services and also to promote the work we do to donors and potential supporters. 

The Elizabeth Foundation

The Elizabeth Foundation helps preschool deaf children learn to listen through their hearing technologies and to talk clearly and confidently. 

Established in 1981, we have grown to become the UK's largest single provider of education services for babies and preschool children with all degrees of deafness.

Our wide range of services to offer deaf children the best possible start in life from birth to five years. We provide Ofsted 'Outstanding' nursery services at our Family Centre in Hampshire. We also offer home learning and support for families and professionals all across the UK through our innovative Let's Listen and Talk online programme.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: