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Dads Perinatal MH Awareness Raising Films

At Acacia, we are committed to raising awareness amongst dads and partners that perinatal mental health problems affect both parents and that there's help out there for both parents. We worked in partnership with two award winning arts organisations, ForMed Films and Alright Mate to produce a new short animated awareness raising film and a series of other shorts for use in social media. You can see the whole campaign here.

Having a baby can be a daunting prospect and can often turn out to be a time of great challenge and extreme stress for both mum and dad. This pressure along with a sense of struggling to navigate the unknown can sometimes become overwhelming. If you are feeling that you’re struggling to cope, you are not alone. One in 10 new dads struggle with their mental health during this period. The film shares the stories of four dads who have struggled with their mental health during new parenthood experiences but found help to get through it from Acacia Family Support.

'It's very rare to find dads that are prepared to talk so openly about the negative side of becoming a father... the film supports their honesty and courage in such a sensitive way.'

Vicki Hook, Business Director of Acacia

This film has been made by ForMed Films CICF who specialise in storytelling through the patient voice to make animated films for medical education. In close collaboration with health professionals and patients, we bring people’s experiences, emotions and advice into focus so that our audience can relate to and understand an issue to help them to make informed choices. Directed by Hugh Cowling.

Acacia Family Support

Acacia is an award winning Christian charity which was founded in 2004 by two local mums (Emma Borg and Rachel Gregory) who both experienced postnatal depression and were determined to help other families. We have been supporting families ever since. Our services are free and are available to mums and dads in the Birmingham area who are experiencing pre and postnatal depression and anxiety.

We provide, free of charge, a wide range of individual, group based and peer support services to help you recover from the symptoms associated with pre and postnatal depression and anxiety. Our services are delivered across Birmingham by a team of 40 trained volunteers and a small staff team and they include telephone befriending, individual listening/befriending, CBT based group workshops, telephone support, practical support in your own home and massage therapy for parent and baby. One of the things that makes Acacia unique is that most of our staff and volunteers have experienced maternal mental health or other mental health problems. This helps us to better understand how you are feeling and to show you that this is a temporary illness and that you can get through this.

We work closely where possible with other family members. Postnatal depression affects mums and partners, and we aim to support the entire family.

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