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Children like Ravi

Film & Campaign Description

Kids Inspire is a leading children's mental health charity working across the South East of England.

'Children Like Ravi' follows the story of a child and his family after they are referred to Kids Inspire's specialist trauma recovery services.

When Ravi and his family first came to Kids Inspire we learned about his presenting concerns - disordered eating, anxiety, school refusing, and being socially isolated. We then looked at his relationships to understand how best to support him through challenging times. He had become stuck and as a result, Ravi's family relationships were breaking down. We later learned, that his mother had experienced trauma in her childhood and this was causing underlying issues with the way she was responding to Ravi's emotional needs.  

By showcasing our family, creative, parental and trauma recovery services 'Children Like Ravi ' explains the 'who' we are, the 'what' we do and the 'why' we do it as we follow Ravi and his family's journey through trauma recovery services. The result of this is emotional resilience and tools to navigate challenging circumstances.

Our Founder and Clinical Director provides the voice-over breaking down our approach and describing our 'why' to involve the family for the most sustainable long-term outcome for Ravi, and all. 

We use our film regularly as an opportunity to learn more about our work in action. Importantly, it also offers potential service users an introductory insight about Kids Inspire before they receive our services. In the past year it has become an invaluable tool to the charity. 

More stories, like Ravi's, can be found on our website and our social media platforms (found on our Contact Us page).

'Children Like Ravi' is the result of a collaboration with the charity Help Film.  

Kids Inspire

Kids Inspire provide mental health and trauma recovery support for children, young people and their families.

Through a range of therapeutic and community activities, we promote resilience, self-awareness, and relationship-building to empower more positive life choices.

We work with children and young people in the South East of England. From those needing a brief consultation or early intervention to complex cases and severe trauma recovery. Referrals to our service come from various sources, with the majority coming from individuals themselves and schools.

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