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Childhood and play is being lost at the fastest rate in living memory, perhaps of all time. The current statistics are shocking;

Children’s free outdoor play with other children has declined 71% in one generation. It has also been discovered that as play has declined, social problems such as depression, anxiety, narcissism and even suicide have increased in children and young adults. 

1 in 6 of children aged 5-16 are likely to have mental health problems. This has increased by 50% in the last 3 years.

Growing Places have witnessed worrying childhood problems first hand at our nurseries and after school clubs, and due to government cuts youth groups are few to none. Children and young adults are on the streets and finding that longed for sense of community in dangerous and damaging places. This of course is nothing new, but since the pandemic everything has become compounded, with obesity, ever rising screen time on games and social media and far less social interaction and play with other children than perhaps ever before. This has a huge effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing of children and young adults. United Nations recently concluded that play is a "fundamental human right, on par with the rights to shelter and education."  It has also been discovered that lack of play means lack of empathy. Imagine a future world without care and kindness? 

Who will fight for play? Growing Places aim to make a difference through our Community Hub Project. To develop a new centre for children with health and sports at its heart. A place to simply ‘be a child’ and to have your voice heard and valued. It would be a place to learn new things and develop new skills.

Whenever something precious is at risk of being lost we have always fiercely fought for it. The National Trust looks after places of historic interest, and English Nature for the conservation of our wildlife and natural environment. But who will fight for childhood?
Without a healthy, wholesome upbringing our future generations will struggle to be the well rounded custodians needed to protect all elements of our beautiful planet. Growing Places believe that the experience of childhood must be cherished, protected and facilitated by all.

Growing Places

Creating the future by inspiring the moment.

Together we develop sociable, articulate, responsible, caring children with a tolerance, understanding and respect for each other and their community. 

Our Growing Places approach is inspired by the values of the Reggio Emilia nurseries and pre-schools in Italy. This is an inspirational approach that builds a culture that respects childhood and allows each child to have daily opportunities to play, explore, discover, communicate and develop tolerant, understanding relationships.

Bringing together, children, parents and staff in a journey of education.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: