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RedSTART Educate
Change the Game

Film & Campaign Description

RedSTART Educate is a charity with one clear goal: to help the next generation achieve better financial futures by educating primary school children about how money works. 

With a focus on areas of greater deprivation around the UK, we have created a programme called Change the Game that is designed to teach children about how money works in a fun, interactive and memorable way. 

Financial habits are learned early in life and when bad habits become ingrained, they can have long-lasting negative impacts. The current cost of living crisis will act only to exacerbate the problem. Educating children about how money works can help to remove this key barrier to social mobility and make a real difference to their financial outcomes in adulthood.

This video was created by HelpFilm and it is used to introduce the RedSTART Change the Game programme to the children in our partner schools. It explains to them who RedSTART Educate are, what they're going to learn from the programme and what their role in it is. 

RedSTART Educate

RedSTART gives the UK’s most disadvantaged children a head start on their financial futures. 

Our aim is to provide financial education to transform the life chances of young people across the country. We do this in partnership with major financial institutions, local businesses and over 600 volunteers in five key locations across the UK. 

Getting a head start means starting early. Through seven years of primary school, we foster and track pupils’ development, running programmes and providing resources for teachers and parents. We teach children progressively, building on their previous years’ knowledge.  

Children are taught how to earn, save, and grow money. They are also taught how to avoid debt traps and remain in control of their money, so they can make informed decisions in the future. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: