Cleveland Housing Advice Centre
CHAC-Serving the Community since 1992

Film & Campaign Description

This documentary presents a firsthand account of the Cleveland Housing Advice Centre (CHAC) and its impact on the lives of its clients. Through interviews, CHAC's beneficiaries articulate how the organization has effectively addressed a wide spectrum of challenges, including housing, benefits, disabilities, and more. Additionally, the video sheds light on CHAC's initiatives aimed at equipping individuals with the tools to enhance their capabilities and prepare themselves for future job opportunities.

Cleveland Housing Advice Centre

Since Cleveland Housing Advice Centre was founded in 1992 we have provided one-to-one advice, lay advocacy, and representation in all aspects of welfare benefits, housing, and debt issues along with the various spin-off problems arising from them such as repossessions, evictions, domestic violence, poverty, and distress.

The charity also provides on-the-job training for residents who are both socially and economically excluded from the labour market.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: