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Judges’ Award 2023 Bronze £1-£2 million turnover

Care4Calais - Safe Passage

Film & Campaign Description

People who are brave and resilient enough to have escaped from the worst terrors in this world should not be risking their lives once again to claim asylum in the UK. We know it’s possible to give people safe passage – we do it for Ukrainian refugees – so why not do it for other refugees?

By using an online screening process and issuing travel visas, we could bring refugees to the UK safely to claim asylum – putting people smugglers out of a job. This worked for Ukrainians. So why won’t the Government act?

Care4Calais is campaigning for safe passage for refugees. In November we published our safe passage policy paper along with PCS, the civil service trade union that represents Home Office staff. This animation film was produced to support the campaign, helping to explain to viewers how safe passage is the workable solution to end small boat crossings.


A volunteer-run charity supporting refugees in the UK and France. We believe everyone deserves a safe home.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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