People’s Choice Award 2024 Bronze £450,000-£1 million

PLANETS Cancer Charity
Cancer Looks Like This

Film & Campaign Description

We wanted to make a film that captured the essence of what PLANETS is about; hope, resilience and the power of unity between our patients, clinicians and supporters. We think the end result is inspiring and emotional and provides an insight into our charity that we hope will show everyone who has supported us what a difference their involvement is having on the lives of others.

We want to say a special thank you to the courageous and inspiring patients who gave up their time and shared their experiences with us and to Neck of the Woods Films who were so empathetic with everyone involved and helped us to capture what we do so perfectly.

PLANETS Cancer Charity

PLANETS Cancer Charity helps patients with pancreatic, liver, colorectal, gastric, oesophageal and neuroendocrine cancer by funding patient support groups, innovative treatments and research. PLANETS is more than just another local cancer charity, it is a motivating and unifying force that is changing the way that we approach the fight against cancer across the central south coast of England. Our aim is not just to save lives but also to enrich them in the process by helping the “whole team” to focus together on our shared goals.