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Learning through Landscapes
'Building' Confidence Through Outdoor Learning

Film & Campaign Description

With our help and support, pupils at the Polygon School in Southampton built a storytelling throne as part of our 'This Place is Like a Building Site!' project, funded by the John Laing Charitable Trust.

Learning through Landscapes is aware that the UK is facing a serious and potentially economically crippling skills shortage in STEM and related subjects. At the heart of this issue is education. However, an emphasis on the academic curriculum at the expense of practical crafts — coupled with a lack of teachers’ practical skills — means that most children have very few opportunities to engage in creative activities.

Learning through Landscapes has long championed the health and wellbeing benefits of outdoor learning and play. Thus, through the 'This Place is Like a Building Site!' project, we are working with teachers alongside children to give both groups the confidence and necessary skills to work on practical crafts in the great outdoors.

Learning through Landscapes

Learning through Landscapes is the leading UK-based charity dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning and play for children.

Our aim is to enable children and young people everywhere to connect with nature through quality outdoor learning and play in enriching natural environments. Our work is underpinned by a drive to improve mental health and wellbeing through connection to nature, and create ethical, informed citizens of the world who respect others — and the planet they live on.

We do this through three avenues:

  1. Advocating the benefits of outdoor learning and play at school and pre school.
  2. Inspiring and enabling the design and development of outdoor environments to support children’s development.
  3. Inspiring and enabling teachers and early years practitioners to develop the confidence, ideas and skills they need to make better use of outdoor spaces.

At Learning through Landscapes, we envision a society where the benefits of regular time outdoors are valued and appreciated, and outdoor learning, play, and connection with nature are recognised as a fundamental part of education for every child and young person at every stage. Through our work, we want to give children and young people more opportunities to connect with nature, be more active, be more engaged with their learning, develop their social skills, and have fun!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: