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Judges’ Award 2023 Silver Under £100,000

MindFood CIO

MindFood CIO

MindFood is an Ealing-based community charity supporting adults struggling with mental ill health, and associated vulnerability and isolation. Using the restorative benefits of nature, we educate and empower people to create a lasting difference to their emotional and physical wellbeing in a safe and inclusive space, free from discrimination. Our in-person and online courses are adaptive and provide ongoing long-term support. We teach evidence-based techniques like mindfulness to tackle depression and anxiety, through food-growing, creativity and other nature-based activities. The recognised measure for wellbeing (WEMWBS) shows our approach works.

We believe everyone should have access to free mental health support and the opportunity to learn the essential skills to improve their wellbeing. One in four people suffer from mental ill heath in any given year. While extremely common, it has a huge human, social and economic cost that impacts on every aspect of life and public service: everyday activities, relationships, social life, employment and finances, making life’s challenges feel insurmountable. Stigma, discrimination and self-neglect can prevent individuals accessing support and treatment. Lack of urgency, apathy, misinformation and competing demands in turn prevent individuals, public agencies, and other institutions from responding adequately or listening to those in need.

Our vision is that better mental health is accessible for all. It’s our mission to improve wellbeing using nature to settle minds enough to learn mental health care. We are nature-inspired, but person-centred. These values underpin everything we do.

All our facilitators are experts by experience, having lived through mental health challenges themselves. Our courses promote sustainable recovery, improving wellbeing, transforming lives and creating change that lasts. Courses are free and connect people with nature-based experiences, in a socially supportive environment. We share our garden produce and knowledge within the community, donating to schools, providing enhanced health outcomes for everyone.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: