Youth Focus North East

Film & Campaign Description


Loneliness and isolation impacts young people aged 18 – 24 more than any other age group.

This short film was created and produced by young people who have experienced this. It shares a young person's expression and personal story around feelings of loneliness and isolation. By sharing this film, they hope it can bring awareness that is vitally needed to bring about positive change.

Through being a part of the Belong Collective young people are able to share their feelings and views through a range of creative activities. Giving them space to express themselves freely without stereotype or judgement. Creating safe environments for them to share their voice and be heard in ways that are meaningful to them and can have a real impact.

The Belong Collective is a cross-sector network, focused on connecting young people and practitioners to share learning, challenges, good practice, and new thinking about youth loneliness. The focus of this work is wider than just the youth sector – supporting those who work and engage with young people to consider youth loneliness and embed effective solutions to tackle it.

Through understanding the impact of youth loneliness, conversations and working together to tackle it we can make a significant difference to the lives of young people and the communities they are part of.

Youth Focus North East

Youth Focus North East is an independent charity, established in 1989, with the overall vision to improve the lives of young people through high quality youth work. We exist for the benefit of young people and the organisations which support them.

Our organisation is rooted in the values of good youth work.

Honesty Respect Equality Inclusion

We pride ourselves on being a caring and learning organisation. One in which people are encouraged to take risks, learn from mistakes and achievements, and where young people are central to all we do.

We operate as both an infrastructure support body and a direct deliverer of services to young people and communities.

Through our infrastructure support we enable organisations across our sector to come together to collaborate, share and learn from best practice and have their views heard. We support them to be well informed on the policy, practice and strategy developments that affect young people. We facilitate programmes to build skills and capacity and develop leadership and sustainability in the sector. We hold and deliver the function of the Regional Youth Work Unit and are proud co-founders of the North East Youth Alliance

Our direct support to young people and communities is mainly delivered from our two operating centres in Gateshead and Middlesbrough compromising youth centre, outreach work and community based activities to increase wellbeing and improve community cohesion.

Co-production is at the heart of our practice as a youth work organisation. We understand there is no ‘one catch all’ approach and that young people have to be provided with a variety of opportunities suitable to their interests, abilities and needs. We see the purpose of co-production as providing young people with the opportunity to ‘be the change’, rather than the problem.

Having our foundations firmly rooted in youth work practice via our direct delivery ensures we remain connected to the young people and organisations we serve through our role as an infrastructure support organisation. The dual roles are mutually beneficial and are equally important to us in our overall aim of Improving the lives of young people through high quality youth work.