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Be Kind Movement

Be Kind Movement was established in 2015 by film producer Premila Puri with the aim of celebrating and amplifying the power of kindness through education. Premila’s personal experience of being bullied in school was a driving force in wanting to create a kinder school culture where Being Kind is the norm for children.

When her husband and co-founder narrated an incident about his experience with a spider in a car, Premila put on her film producing hat to produce a short film called ITSY. The award winning film was a catalyst for the charity’s flagship Kindness in School Programme™ which uses the medium of short films to entertain, educate and empower children and young people with the 10 values of kindness that helps to build emotional intelligence (EQ) skills in them.

BKM's aim is to:
• ENTERTAIN children and young people through the powerful medium of film;
• EDUCATE children and young people on the transformative power of kindness;
• EMPOWER children and young people with emotional intelligence skills for life.