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Cats Protection
Ava and Mr Biggles, together again

Film & Campaign Description

*Trigger warning - contains themes of domestic abuse and animal abuse*

Cats Protection Lifeline is our specialist fostering service that provides temporary, loving homes to cats whose families are fleeing domestic abuse. With most refuges unable to accept pets, our Lifeline fosterers look after cats until their owners can take them back safely. That gives survivors a chance to get away from danger, knowing they’ll be together with their beloved cat again soon. It’s just one of the ways Cats Protection is making a better life for cats and people together.

Our emotional campaign film tells the story of a little girl and her cat. Ava and Mr Biggles are everything to each other, but when Ava and her mum, Emily, have to leave their home to escape domestic abuse, they can’t take Mr Biggles with them. The campaign film was created by the agency lukecharles, produced by FLIPT, and directed by Duncan Christie.

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Based on the true stories of Lifeline clients. Names and details have been changed to protect survivors identities.

Cats Protection

Cats Protection is the UK's leading cat welfare charity.

Since we were founded in 1927, we've helped a huge number of cats and kittens - homing over 1.5 million of them to new owners and championing the rights of countless others.