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People’s Choice Award 2023 Longform £350,000-£5 million
Judges’ Award 2023 Longform £350,000-£5 million

Go Dharmic
Ahimsa & The Environment

Film & Campaign Description

While COP27 promises to create pivotal momentum toward the success of climate objectives, Go Dharmic aims to be part of this messaging by spreading peace, compassion, and non-violence in our relationship with nature. Ahimsa (non-violence) is key and of critical importance to the restoration of our Earth and to encourage respect for all living beings. The new documentary, “Ahimsa and The Environment” aims to educate society on the ancient Indian idea of non-violence, as a practical means of achieving climate change objectives, whilst directing us towards a kinder and more symbiotic relationship with nature.

Go Dharmic founder Hanuman Dass said: “The way we're currently living doesn't work. This model of living where we just keep producing more and more is a model for an infinite world… We need to find a new and sustainable way of living, and I believe that way is by incorporating the idea of ahimsa into our lives. I wanted to bring together voices who are keen to promote love for our planet and this work is the result. Ahimsa which has been used for civil rights must now be used for climate action”

The documentary directed by Sheila Gesage features leading activists for the environment such as Satish Kumar, Sadhguru, Maneka Gandhi, and also COP27 President Alok Sharma. Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, and granddaughter, Ela Gandhi, also speak passionately for the planet.

An example shared within the documentary of Ahimsa-in-Action is ending animal agriculture. On average, we would reduce the amount of water needed for food production, use land more efficiently, grow more nutritiously dense food, reduce harm to animals through mass farming and slaughter, and have a net-negative carbon impact. Through one action we simultaneously reduce food insecurity, malnourishment, and health problems, reverse gas-based climate change, promote animal welfare, and support biodiversity.

“We have already seen the power of a concept like ahimsa, avoiding the harm of any living thing, which has inspired profound political change. And, today, such faith could guide us to live in peace with our planet. Faith communities can and have enabled change because when you speak, you influence, and when you act, you inspire.” – Alok Sharma MP, President of COP27

With the start of COP27, where nations and corporations will discuss the best ways to minimize and reverse environmental disasters, Dass said, it is “crucial to ensure ahimsa is a principle that is being discussed” because “it can be applied by the individual and by groups. It works on the micro and macro level, and maximizes results.”

“It allows everyone to play a part in resolving the greatest crisis of our century.”

Go Dharmic

International humanitarian and environmental charity, Go Dharmic:, brings people together to spread love and compassion through social action campaigns. Go Dharmic was started in 2011 by Hanuman Dass, who created the platform to promote universal compassionate action. Inspired by the concept of ‘Dharma’, the charity has over 3000 volunteers globally and works tirelessly as an ambassador of peace across the globe through extensive campaigns for Environmental Action, Poverty Alleviation, Education, Plant-Based and Organic Diets, and Crisis Response. The founding philosophy is to “Love All. Feed All. Serve All.”

Go Dharmic has 5 offices: London (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Ahmedabad (India), Kolkata (India), and Georgia (USA).

Go Dharmic Impact Figures:

11 Million+ Meals Distributed Globally

105+ School Libraries Built in India

157,500+ Books Distributed

200,000+ Children have benefited from Go Dharmic’s Education, Sanitation, and Food Campaigns

120,000+ Trees Planted

10,000+ Hot Meals Distributed in Kyiv, Ukraine, to those unable to Evacuate

2,000+ Food, Medicine, and Hygiene Packs were Distributed to Refugees fleeing Ukraine

606+ Indian Civil Servants' Medical Checks Performed

20+ People’s sight restored with Cataract operations

Go Dharmic has worked on campaigns in the UK, India, Nepal, Morocco, Lebanon, Uganda, Nigeria, Cuba, USA, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Australia.

You can find out more about everything going on at Go Dharmic at and see all of their campaigns at

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: