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Too many children are going without this winter. It’s a constant worry for families where the next meal is coming from, and if they can heat their home. 

This winter sees the highest cost of living ever, and children are paying the price.

Across Scotland, children are going without the basics - things most of us take for granted - and the need has never been greater.

Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund is a lifeline. Emergency cash grants are given to struggling families to access food and clothing for their children and to heat and light their homes.

The fund it running dangerously low and without help will run out, when it's needed most.

  • Almost half of the families who apply to Aberlour’s emergency fund don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 
  • More than 50% of the families who apply need clothing for their children.
  • 20% of the families who apply don’t have a bed for their children.

Every penny (100%) of cash donations made to the Urgent Assistance Fund will go straight to the families who are most in need.

Aberlour Children's Charity

Aberlour is one of the largest Scottish children’s charities, helping to improve the lives of Scotland’s disadvantaged children and young people. At Aberlour, we know that not all children are born with an equal chance. Together, we will be brave for children, young people and families and will overcome poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.

Aberlour’s mission is to reach Scotland’s vulnerable children as early as possible to stop damage being done before families reach crisis point and before it’s too late. Taking action quickly, significantly improves long-term outcomes for children and young people.

Aberlour provides a wide range of services including:

  • Residential care and fostering: we provide safe, loving homes for children who have experienced trauma and abuse
  • Early years: we give babies a brighter future by building confidence in their parents
  • Disability: we make life easier for families where a child has a disability
  • Recovery: we help parents to recover from drug and alcohol misuse, poor mental health and domestic abuse, so their children can thrive
  • Early support to children and young people and families to ensure families can thrive.

Visit www.aberlour.org.uk for more information.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: