A place where I'm free to be me


Our mission is to transform the lives of children, young people and families through the power of play. 

Research clearly shows how important play and socialising is to every child’s development, but sadly too many disabled young people miss out on it every day.  86% of disabled children in the UK are socially isolated as an impact of reduced support (Disabled Children's Partnership, 2022) and 59% of Challengers families have experienced exclusion from other settings.

But Challengers is different...we will never exclude a young person from our services because of their complex needs or financial situation. Every day at Challengers is different, but one thing they all have in common is that every child and young person who comes to us is supported to be themselves and celebrated for who they are.

For many families, Challengers is a lifeline that they simply wouldn't be able to cope without. While their children are having fun and safely cared for at Challengers, parents and siblings can enjoy a much-needed break from care responsibilities. 

Pippa, Mum to Jesse who is 16 and has attended Challengers for 13 years, said:

Challengers provides us with respite which is essential for us to keep going as family, and there is nowhere else that can do that.” 

We hope that our film - A place where I'm free to be me - demonstrates how important it is for disabled children to have a place where they are accepted, and the positive impact Challengers has on the whole family.

Thank you to Jake Hatt of Free Bird Film for providing his services free of charge to create our film.