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Winston's Wish
30 Years this September

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Thirty years ago, Winston’s Wish became the first dedicated childhood bereavement charity, paving the way for young people’s bereavement services in the UK.

Three decades and thousands of lives touched later, we’ve helped children, teens and young adults find their feet after their worlds were turned upside down by grief. We’ve also been there for countless parents, family members, teachers and professionals with the words, the advice and the guidance to show up for their bereaved young person.

To mark 30 years we created this spoken word poem and felt it only right that it come from the young people themselves. 

30 years this September
a chance to look back and remember

on the many lives we’ve helped to touch
as a friend and guide when it all felt too much.

The thousands of kids, teens and the young adults
whose hearts and minds were in somersaults

after someone they loved and mattered, died
for their person, they’ve screamed, and hurt, and cried.

Because ‘yeah’ grief sucks, and quite frankly it’s s**t.
Like the times it hits you out of nowhere, even when you think you’ve got a handle on it.

So we created a space where young minds can express
their feelings, their thoughts, their fears, their stress.

To connect with others and know they aren’t alone
‘cause Winston’s Wish is always on the end of the phone

to listen, to talk,
to be there, to care,
to be open and honest
because it’s important that we share

our feelings about grief and to talk about our person who’s died.
And if you don’t know where to start, Winston's Wish can be your guide.

Because when it feels really dark, and energy is low for the fight
We’ll work together to find the hope
and the chance to rediscover your light.

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Winston's Wish

We help children and young people find their feet after their worlds are turned upside down by grief.

At Winston’s Wish we’re aspiring to create a world where no child or young person faces grief alone. What’s more, we believe every young person should be able to access the support they need after someone important to them has died regardless of their age, location or circumstances.

No child or young person should be held back because of their bereavement. With the right support, bereaved children and young people can find ways cope and move forward with hope for a brighter future. 

We're proud to have supported and given hope to over 62,000 bereaved children and young people in the last year through our bereavement services, training and education activities. We've also given bereaved young people a platform to have their voices heard through our innovative youth team who help shape our services and through the sharing of their grief stories reaching thousands of other bereaved young people online.  

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