The UK Trauma Council - a project of Anna Freud

Established in 2019, the UK Trauma Council (UKTC) is an independent, multidisciplinary group, able to speak with authority and experience on the impact of traumatic events on children and how best to help them. The Council is made up of experts on childhood trauma from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, global health and lived experience. We have recently established a Youth Advisory Board who will inform and shape the future focus and priorities of the UKTC.

The vision of the UKTC is a world which nurtures and protects children and young people following trauma and builds understanding of how to reduce the impact of traumatic events. Trauma is defined by UKTC as ‘the way that some distressing events are so extreme or intense that they overwhelm a person’s ability to cope, resulting in lasting negative impact.’

A primary focus for the UKTC has been developing and disseminating free, accessible, evidence-based resources to support the professionals surrounding children and/or young person following potentially traumatic experiences. By increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of professionals in recognising and supporting trauma in children and young people, the UKTC aims to create an environment more conducive to recovery.

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