Suffolk Building Society

Suffolk Building Society are in the privileged position that when they make a profit, they are not beholden to stakeholders, but instead choose to support and enrich the communities of Suffolk. Suffolk Building Society have two hugely important campaigns, both focused on providing and promoting safe homes for both the people, and wildlife, within Suffolk.

Saving Suffolk:

As a Society we take our responsibility as a steward of nature and a contributor to the protection of the environment seriously; and we know it’s something that our members and prospective members care about deeply.

Our region is blessed with some of the most wonderful natural habitats in the country – but they are increasingly under threat.

Saving Suffolk is about doing what we can, together with our members, to protect our wild spaces. Our initiatives range from volunteering opportunities for our staff and members in local projects, to using some of our profits to provide much needed funding for wilding and habitat protection.

We want to protect Suffolk’s special natural environment so we’re throwing our support behind these environmental charities.

Safe Homes for Suffolk:

There are many reasons people may struggle with homelessness, from a lack of affordable housing to debt and unforeseen life events. Others may feel unsafe in their home through the threat of domestic abuse.

Underpinned by the belief that everyone has a right to a safe home, and its original mission over 170 years ago to build and allocate safe homes throughout the county, Suffolk Building Society has launched Safe Homes for Suffolk campaign.

The campaign supports three charities: Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Ipswich Housing Action Group, and Emmaus Suffolk.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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