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Unflinchingly honest but inspiring documentary. Three stroke survivors with aphasia embark on a journey at a pivotal point in their recovery in a bid to find their voice and rebuild their lives.

The 50-minute observational documentary was produced in partnership with RWD Films, part of Redwood BBDO, and closely follows the recovery journey of three stroke survivors Steve, Julie and Toom who are all living with aphasia.

Aphasia is a communication disorder that results from damage to portions of the brain and causes difficulty in speaking or understanding others’ speaking.

The documentary helps bust myths about the language and communication disorder– including the assumption that it is a rare condition, and that it only affects elderly people.

Aphasia impacts people's ability to speak, use numbers, read, and/or write, and most commonly affects people after a stroke – with over a third, of the UK's 1.3 million stroke survivors, struggling with the condition.

The documentary highlights the physical and mental challenges facing individuals living with aphasia and celebrates the creativity and resilience displayed by them and the support provided by their families, friends, and medical professionals.

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Entry in Charity Film Awards 2024