Small Acts of Kindness Trust

Small Acts of Kindness reduces loneliness and isolation for older and vulnerable people, with a particular interest in helping those who are cold in their homes. We do this by sourcing, packing and distributing Warm in Winter gift bags, free of charge, to anyone over the age of 55 and connecting communities with kindness. 

Each Warm in Winter gift bag contains essential items including: a fleece blanket, thermal gloves, hat and socks, a selection of hot drinks, soup and porridge as well as our Purple Pages information pack with a wealth of literature from national, county and local organisations providing support, services and activities to help break the cycle of loneliness and isolation. 

For thousands the cold kills. Our gift bags help reduce the negative impact that being cold and feeling lonely can have on an older person's physical and mental wellbeing. For some, they could be a life saver, reaching those who are having to make the unimaginable choice between heating their home or buying food.

Since we began 9 years ago, we have reached over 105,000 people, working with more than 150 partner organisations who help distribute our gift bags. Our work is only made possible by our amazing volunteer family of 450 people and the support and kindness of partners, donors and funders. Together, we make a meaningful difference to the lives of thousands of older and vulnerable people, every year, one small act of kindness at a time.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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