Scottish Refugee Council

We are Scotland’s national refugee charity. Every year, we support thousands of men, women and children as they rebuild their lives in Scotland. We believe that everyone seeking safety should receive the same warm welcome and respect, no matter where they’re from or how they arrived.

Our vision is of a Scotland in which all people seeking refugee protection are welcome. Our mission is to build a society where people of all ages are protected, find safety and support, have their human rights and dignity respected and are able to achieve their full potential.

We work within an increasingly complex and interconnected system of services and policies which can be both welcoming to, and hostile towards, people seeking safety, promoting and furthering the relief of persons who have become displaced persons, refugees or asylum seekers from the countries of their origin or domicile by reason of hostilities, persecution, oppressions discrimination, natural disasters, economic adversity or other, like causes and to provide assistance to the families and dependents of such persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

In this ever-changing context, we offer:

• A clear and courageous voice calling for a fairer and more humane asylum and protection system, at both Scottish and UK levels

• Responsive, consistent and inclusive support for refugees, whatever their legal status and situation

• Expert information, advice and training for policy makers, local authorities, community organisations and people seeking safety

• A collaborative approach, working closely with partner organisations, service providers and service users to ensure refugees receive the right support

• Decades of lived and learned experience which shapes our work and enables us to constructively hold policy makers and service providers to account

• National leadership to help groups and organisations across the country connect and collaborate with one another, build capacity and better represent their communities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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