Save a Kill Shelter Dog

Save a Kill Shelter Dog is a dog rescue run by a small team of volunteers based in the UK that save dogs from being barbarically killed in Romanian kill shelters. We have rescued over 70 dogs in 2022. Dogs are often abused, beaten and treated in the most horrendous way and face the worst death imaginable. Often captured by dog catchers or surrendered by owners as disposable pets after most possibly a life on a chain. 

Save a Kill Shelter Dog rescues dogs from these kill shelters and gives the. a chance of a happy safe life. We rescue them and take them to a Rescue Centre to carry out the best rescue process we can before rehoming to a forever home in the UK. We rely solely on the support of others and kind donations.

We do more than rescue. We rescue, provide veterinary level care, rehabilitate, socialise, behaviour assess, rehome, support and provide rescue back up. We strongly believe that a rescue dog is the most precious gift. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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