Reading Civic Society

Reading Civic Society was established in 1962.  We have a membership of around 200.  We comment on Planning applications, in particular on Listed Buildings. Where we can we work with developers about their proposals which will change the face of Reading and seek to improve them positively. We give talks / presentations about planning to various groups.  The video is about a project in 9 Reading Primary Schools which was delivered in May 2022 to 9 schools -450 children.  It engaged them practically in improving their awareness of their surroundings and working with the principles of Architecture, Engineering in the context of Railways.  Supported by a grant from Great Western Railways and Haslams Estate Agents we worked with an Enginnering / Architectural practice to deliver the workshops in 15 classes.  Great feedback from the schools and the children.  We have funding to do this in 2023.  

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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