FARA Foundation (FARA Charity Shops)

In the spring of 2023, FARA commissioned a series of five short films, entitled ‘We are FARA Family’, to celebrate all those who shop, donate, work and volunteer in our charity shops. 

Five members of the FARA family were interviewed about their FARA experience: how vital FARA shops are to themselves and the wider community, the importance of sustainability, the future of fashion and why they opt to shop second-hand.

We chose Leeward's film as our entry, but you can see all five here.

The films were directed by Scott Wimsett at Bespoke.


FARA is one of the largest and most experienced NGO care providers in Romania, reaching out to the poor, the marginalised and most discriminated against in society.  We fund, develop, and manage social support services across Romania for vulnerable children, children with learning disabilities and complex needs, youth at risk, adults with learning disabilities, and community-based programmes, tackling poverty through education for Romania’s poorest families.

The charity was founded in 1991 by Jane Nicholson who visited Romania to see first hand the cruelty inflicted within state run orphanages, during the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu. For the past three decades, FARA has successfully provided a lifeline to over 11,000 beneficiaries and has expanded its reach over the years from one home for rescued children, to community-based programmes supporting families to stay together, building a stronger future for Romania. 

To fund our work, the first FARA charity shop was opened in 1992, and has since grown to a cutting-edge retailer, operating 40 shops, serving 26 London communities.

Family and friendships are at the heart of everything we do and our work is truly life changing for many families living in poverty. Our mission is to build communities and families, to love and serve them; fulfilling lives, rebuilding futures, and spreading hope.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Entry in Charity Film Awards 2024