Cherwell Collective, CIC

Cherwell Collective is a multi-award winning, female-run, grassroots community not-for-profit collective that reduces loneliness and promotes social equity and well-being through climate action.

Cherwell Collective's projects create sustainable local systems and drive community connection by making sure everyone can be involved in climate action. Our accessible services are all offered pay-what-you can, and provide education and solutions for reducing carbon footprints through food and non-food waste reduction and consumption.

We reduce the carbon footprint of the community through creating infrastructure for a circular economy. We tackle the problem of food, household, textile, plastic, and other waste through distribution and innovation. We also build socially sustainable local systems and drive community connection by making sure everyone can be involved in climate action. Our accessible services and activities are all offered pay-what-you can, and provide education and solutions for reducing carbon footprints through food and non-food waste reduction and consumption.

Cherwell Collective has been recognised at local, national, and international levels, winning the 2021 EESC Civil Solidarity Prize for the UK, the Sanctuary Volunteer Organisation of the Year 2021, the Award of Great and Valuable Services to the Community 2021, the Climate Action Heroes Award 2022, the Nextdoor 2023 Neighbourhood Fave Award, and the 2023 Cherwell Business Award for Sustainable Business.

Our Projects:

  Climatarian Kitchen reduces waste by using local food surplus to provide meals for the community and educating about the carbon cost of food.

      WISH (Waste Innovation Station HQ) empowers people to repurpose, reuse, rethink, and repair common household waste through tutorials, workshops, and creative innovation.

  Harvest @ Home reduces consumption, increases food security, and promotes well-being through teaching people to garden at home.

  Cherwell Larder Marketplace redistributes food and other local surplus weekly to reduce waste and combat food insecurity.

      Oxford Party Library drastically reduces waste through lending common supplies for parties and events to the community as a 'library of things'.

Through our sustainability-centred activities above we support the well-rounded well-being of our entire community:

  • We foster social connections and reduce isolation whether it’s over a cup of tea and a chat, repurposing textiles to make quilts for those in need, or growing food together.

  • We promote increased mental health and physical activity through older adults seated exercises, garden work, or moving around supplies for our distributions.

  • We fill gaps in the current options available to community connectors and social prescribers and actively work with local units to provide bespoke opportunities, often for those most traditionally excluded.

  • We capitalise on collective wisdom and an extensive network of local businesses to make the most of the resources available. We actively instruct the community to do this through demonstrations, guides, kits, and courses. 

  • Our storytelling-focused evaluation centres local community voices in our planning and guides our focus and vision.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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