Change Grow Live Camden

Our mission is to help people ...Change Grow Live is a voluntary sector organisation specialising in substance misuse and criminal justice intervention projects in England and Wales. 

Our mission is to help people change the direction of their lives, grow as individuals, and live life to its full potential.

All of its funding is statutory-based. As of 2012 the organisation employed over 1,800 workers and was supported by over 250 volunteers. Co-production is part of the ethos of cgl which is working together in the belief that people who have experience of a problem should be involved in creating the solutions to those issues.

Please click the link below to see our first 30 second film consisting of photographs set to a colourful background. This inspired our group to enjoy the simplicity of this kind of editing. Service users and service providers joined in the experience developing a new dynamic. Engaging with each other in a piece of co-production enhanced our relationship with each other and used as a springboard of authentic treatment.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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