Cahonas Scotland

Cahonas Scotland is Scotlands Testicular Cancer education, awareness and support charity. 

We exist to -

  • To increase the availability of and facilitate access to information and support services geared to the needs of men experiencing Testicular Cancer and life limiting disease
  • To advance education of the public in matters relating to Testicular Cancer and to undertake where necessary the prevention of discrimination and stigma arising from diagnosis and the cancer experience
  • To relieve hardship, distress and suffering of men experiencing Testicular Cancer and life limiting disease in such ways as the charity shall decide from time to time.

Through our education and awareness programme (we visit schools, colleges, workplaces, sports clubs and the community) Cahonas is committed programme to ensuring all cases of Testicular Cancer are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, where treatment is more effective and survival rates higher.

Cahonas deliver an emotional and wellbeing programme offering telephone and in person support with support and help from Cahonas staff and volunteers who have a lived experience of Testicular Cancer.

We also run our "You've Got This" Cancer Care Pack project to support every patient in Scotland going through the trauma of Testicular Cancer Treatment. These boxes are filled with much needed items to aid recovery without the financial burdon, stress and worry on the patient allowing them to focus on a full recovery

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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