Become is the national charity for care-experienced children and young people. We put young people at the heart of everything we do, helping them be powerful agents of change in their own lives, the care system and society. We help them understand their rights and entitlements so they can get the support they need now, develop their skills, access education, and overcome challenges they face. We amplify young people’s voices and empower them to speak out and campaign for change, so that the care system works better for all children and young people, now and into the future.

Our work to improve the care system is always delivered alongside young people with experience of care. We have a wide range of opportunities for young people to get involved, to share their views with decision makers, shape our communications and campaign together for changes in the care system.

Each year, more and more children in care are being moved miles away from the community, people, and places that matter to them. Our campaign #GoneTooFar seeks to keep children in care close to the people and places that matter to them - ensuring they have the love, stability, and security we all need to thrive. We have worked alongside a group of care leavers to create this film. It aims to highlight the situation some children in care find themselves navigating, and how asks adults - how would they feel. We hope that this film helps people to understand care experience better, and supports the positive changes that we are asking for. 

Entry in Charity Film Awards 2024