We are a basketball charity based in the South East of England. Basketball4All engages young people who are disadvantaged or disabled. We use basketball to improve their physical and mental health and give them new skills that can be used in the future. We offer pathways for them to develop in the sport and on into the workplace.  We run a huge variety of basketball sessions:- Learning Disability, Displaced young people, in Schools in disadvantaged areas where knife crime is a huge problem, and for the inactive of all ages.  The trustees are passionate about taking basketball into the community and changing lives. 

We also work with boys in the same area as our girls event (in the video) was held. 

Another area of our work is with displaced young people from all over the World.

We look for projects that are needed then apply for funding to get them up and running and sustained in the future.  


UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Entry in Charity Film Awards 2024