Akwaaba Volunteers

Akwaaba Volunteers is a registered charity working in Accra, Ghana. Our mission is to brighten the future of the next generation and alleviate poverty by creating better opportunities for young people through our projects in health, education and sports. We work closely with our community and work in areas based on the needs of the community. Through our projects we aim to empower, develop and create sustainable futures to alleviate poverty and change lives.

Our Values:

To make a long-term positive change to the lives of the people we are working with. We believe every child deserves happiness, respect and the right to dream.

To create sustainable projects based on the needs of our community. By working closely with the community, we can work together to create simple and low cost solutions through our projects.

To be transparent with how we run our projects and the use of our funding to create better understanding and trust

To empower local people to create their own futures.

We love what we do, work hard and give our volunteers the best experience possible

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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