JustRight Scotland

Film & Campaign Description

JustRight Scotland was selected to be part of @SCVO #EssentialSector campaign. We developed and produced a short film about our work and to describe our impact in Scotland and across UK, as reported by Third Force News: TFN Magazine 

Our CEO Emma Hutton explains: "Being part of this campaign helps us to tell our story, but it also helps us to demonstrate the value of our work."

JustRight Scotland

We use the law to defend the rights of people who are marginalised, minoritised, lack access to power, and face the biggest barriers to justice. We work with and alongside diverse communities to use the law for system-changing work, to extend their rights and access to justice.
We share our knowledge & expertise with like-minded organisations who share our vision of a fairer and more equal Scotland. This collaboration helps build broader understanding, awareness, and skills in human rights advocacy.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: