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About the Charity

ATFC was born out of a simple idea, to work in partnership with schools and parents to provide much needed therapy service to children in our community. We work with children during the school day as school is typically a safe space for them, and therapy forms part of their weekly routine. That concept turned into a pilot scheme in Europe’s largest Jewish primary school in 2013, and since launching the charity in 2016 we have seen how powerful art therapy is, as it enables children to express difficult and complex feelings, that they cannot express with words alone.

Since 2016 ATFC has been the only front-line provider of therapy to hundreds of young children across our community who have been in desperate need of emotional support. We are the only organisation who focuses primarily on children’s mental health in the community. Arts Therapies for Children was set up to support the children of our community facing some unimaginably difficult situations. We support children suffering from a huge range of challenges, including domestic and/or sexual abuse, emotional or behavioural difficulties or adverse mental health.

Arts therapies for children

ATFC is currently working in over 30 Primary schools across the communities in London, Hertfordshire and Manchester, providing children with the emotional support they need at school in a world where mental health issues are increasingly prevalent. We believe that every child with mental health, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, is entitled to, and should benefit from some form of therapeutic intervention at school, and that the best place for a child to receive therapy is at school, in a place where they feel safe and during times when they are not exhausted after a long day. ATFC is the only community charity providing this essential frontline service to some of our most vulnerable children, who cannot get support elsewhere.

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