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Smiley has been spreading joy and optimism to generations since French journalist Franklin Loufrani created the trademarked brand in 1972. Originally a gesture to urge readers of the newspaper France-Soir to ‘Take the Time to Smile’, soon this ubiquitous symbol of happiness became the most recognised and important in graphic design.



Minute Shorts

A short film platform that streams films from the next generation of filmmakers and advocates for resourceful, intentional media consumption and diverse storytelling.

The News Movement 

A social media-first news start-up, with no-bias news and original reporting. 

Epic Foundation 

A global foundation that exists to empower and protect children, youth and the planet. They bridge the gap between nonprofits, and individuals and businesses who want to drive positive change.

Charity Excellence

The Charity Excellence Framework is a free, online toolkit that enables non-profits to improve performance in every area.