The Passage

Our vision is of a society where street homelessness no longer exists, and everyone has a place to call home.

Established in 1980, starting with just one staff member and a handful of volunteers, The Passage is now home to one of the largest Resource Centres for insecurely housed people in London. We have a long history in supporting those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Westminster, working with each individual to find the most suitable and sustainable route away from the streets.

Our Resource Centre is the main hub for our community services, where those we support can access health and wellbeing, education and employment, advice and advocacy and housing support services; as well hot meals, showers and clothing/laundry facilities

We have three accommodation centres, with a fourth currently being built - providing a number of temporary and long-term housing placements, where additional support services and wellbeing groups are available.

Our mission is three-fold:

1) Prevent street homelessness by intervening quickly before people reach crisis point.
2) End street homelessness by providing innovative and tailor-made services that act with both compassion and urgency.
3) Advocate for those who feel they are not heard by amplifying their voice to bring about real systemic change.

More about our work:

Our No Night Out Prevention Scheme, built from our learnings during the Everyone In initiative (during the Covid-19 pandemic) enables us to provide emergency accommodation to those at risk of spending their first night on the streets. This project has just received another three years of funding, allowing us to continue preventing people from entering the street homeless community, whilst we work to find a sustainable place for them to live.

As the only homelessness organisation to have a dedicated Anti-Slavery team, we are proud to be leading the way as we uncover the strong links between modern slavery and homelessness in London; working at a Government level to build a better support network for survivors.

We understand that our clients support needs do not end once they have been rehoused. Our support continues on, starting with our Home for Good community integration scheme. Home for Good volunteers are paired with someone who has recently resettled into their local area meeting fortnightly to explore the local area, connect with local services and find opportunities to really embed themselves into the community.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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