The Josephine and Jack Project

People with learning disabilities have the same right to choices about life and love as the rest of us – the issue is how to make sure that those choices can be made safely and with the information we all need.

Josephine & Jack are life-size anatomically accurate cloth figures who we use in workshops and one-to-one work with adults and young people with learning disabilities to discuss a range of issues such as health, well- being, relationships, sex and sexuality using storytelling, games and role-play in small groups.

As well as sex and relationships, we also cover such issues as bereavement, staying safe and keeping fit and have a specific course aimed at younger people with learning disabilities called “The Josephine and Jack Shack.”

Our work is based around the idea that Jack or Josephine has a particular issue that’s concerning them or that they’d like to find out more about - for example: Josephine has been invited to a smear test - or Jack fancies someone at the club and would like to ask them out on a date.

Through storytelling, games and role-play we explore the issue with a small group of participants or an individual and come up with a solution or an answer to which we all contributed and which we all understand.

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