The Haller Foundation

Our mission at Haller is to empower smallholder farmers across Africa to live extraordinarily resourcefully from their land. We provide the knowledge, tools & infrastructure to farm sustainably.

Guided by 12 core principles, we strive to unleash the potential of local communities by promoting a model for economic development that is both sustainable & environmentally sound, creating thriving communities & ecosystems.

The Haller Journey is our successful, sustainable development model that is innovative as it is not based upon aid or dependency, instead it’s a low-cost, high-impact, replicable & integrated model that enables communities to lift themselves out of poverty. To date, 56 communities, amounting to 45,000+ smallholder famers in Kenya, have benefited from the Haller Journey and sustainably transformed their livelihoods. 

Our holistic model was inspired by the lifework of Dr Rene Haller, a UNEP Global Laureate and pioneering agronomist renowned for his successes in restoring degraded industrial quarried landscapes along the coastline of Mombasa into a flourishing & biodiverse forest ecosystem. Dr Haller's vision was not only for ecology, but also for local economies to grow, convinced that both could work in harmony. This philosophy of balancing ecology & economy remains a critical element of all our programmes. 

Haller scales its mission through a high-tech smartphone app - Haller Farmers. Haller Farmers places 100+ indigenous & climate-smart farming techniques directly into the hands of smallholder farmers. Consequently, they can access life-changing information even when living out of reach from the support of agricultural extension workers.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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