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Sepsis is a life-threatening reaction to an infection. Sepsis can be fast, deadly and devastating.

Sepsis can be hard to recognise and diagnose. In its early stages, it can have similar symptoms to common winter conditions like the flu and chest infections. However, if someone has two or more of the five key symptoms becoming rapidly worse, this indicates sepsis and urgent medical attention should be sought.

The five symptoms are:

  • very high or very low temperature
  • uncontrolled shivering
  • confusion
  • passing less urine than normal
  • blotchy or cold arms or legs

Sepsis accounts for around 50,000 deaths annually in the UK. Five people in the UK die every hour from sepsis.

Sepsis Research FEAT was established in 2013 with the mission to save lives and improve outcomes in sepsis patients by funding research and raising awareness.

Sepsis Research objectives are to:

  • Invest in new research
  • Raise awareness across the UK
  • Share Sepsis Stories
  • Influence change in policy

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